German Language Game: Kommst du mit?

Quick German Language Game: Kommst du mit?  - Are you coming along? 
With this short online German game, you learn and practice 12 words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
Michael is in Frankfurt where he visits his aunt and uncle.
His cousin Julia invites him to go with her into town.
This mini-story is also part of our German 1 course. 
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Words in Mini-Story Language Game

  • mitkommen - to come along
  • du kommst mit - you're coming along (familiar)
  • ich komme mit - I'm coming along
  • Wohin? - Where to?
  • müssen - to have to, must
  • ich muss - I have to
  • etwas kaufen - to buy something
  • Was ist das? - What is that?
  • bekannt - well-known
  • die Einkaufsstraße - the shopping street
  • unsere bekannte Einkaufsstraße - our well-known shopping street
  • brauchen - to need
  • du brauchst - you need (familiar)
  • ich brauche - I need
  • der Reiseführer - the travel guide
  • ich brauche einen Reiseführer - I need a travel guide

With this mini-story you learn and practice German in small chunks. 
It also helps you to see how the language is put together. (agreement, conjugations, separable prefix)
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More Than a German Language Game

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