Spanish Language Game: Opposite Words

Quick Spanish Language Game: Opposite Words
Look at the list below, then play this quick online game to test yourself.
With this game, you learn 12 common Spanish words and identify their opposites. 

Words in Spanish Language Game

primera - última [first - last (f)]
largo - corto [long - short (m)]
joven - viejo [young - old (m)]
fácil - difícil  [easy - hard]
barato - caro [cheap - expensive (m)]
bueno - malo [good - bad (m)]
abrir - cerrar [to open - to close]
buscar - encontrar [to look for - to find]
continuar - terminar [to continue - to end]
llegar - depart [to arrive - to depart]
preguntar - contestar [to ask - to answer]
comprar - vender [to buy - to sell]

More than a Spanish Language Game

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