German Language Game: ein eine einen

German Quick Language Game: "ein eine einen" - When do you use which?  
With this short interactive game, you'll learn and practice easy sentences using the indefinite article "a" (ein, eine, or einen) with a direct-object noun.
Remember to always say the German out loud. It'll help you remember and sharpen your pronunciation. 

Words and Sentences in German Language Game

  • das Handy  - the cell phone
  • die Zeitung - the newspaper
  • der Schlüssel - they key
  • der Bruder - the brother
  • Hast du ein Handy? - Do you have a cell phone?
  • Nein, ich habe kein Handy. - No, I don't have a cell phone.
  • Haben sie einen Schlüssel? - Do they have a key?
  • Nein, sie haben keinen Schlüssel. - No, they don't have a key.
  • Du hast keinen Bruder? - You don't have a brother. (familiar)
  • Doch, ich habe einen Bruder. - Yes I do, I have a brother.
  • Haben Sie eine Zeitung? - Do you have a newspaper? (formal)
  • Ja, ich habe eine.  - Yes, I have one. (i.e. newspaper)

If you want to review and practice the present tense of "haben" (to have), there's a game for that.

  • haben - to have
  • ich habe - I have
  • du hast - you have (familiar)
  • er/sie/es hat - he/she/it has
  • wir haben - we have
  • ihr habt - you-all have
  • sie/Sie haben - they/you (formal) have

Note the form of "ein" with masculine nouns (eg. der Schlüssel, der Bruder): Das ist ein Schlüssel. (That's a key.), Ich habe einen Schlüssel. (I have a key.)
You use "kein keine keinen" for the negative of "ein eine keinen". (You don't use "nicht ein" here.)
To answer "Yes I do" in response to a negative question ("You don't ...?"), you use "doch" in German.
Don't memorize any of this.
Just pay attention when listening to German or reading.
These are typical language patterns that will become automatic with time.
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More Than a German Language Game

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