Spanish Language Game: Extraordinario

Spanish Language Game "Extraordinario" (Extraordinary) 
Learn and practice 16 Spanish words and phrases as part of a mini-story.
The context: David and his cousin María walk around Barcelona.
This mini- story is also in our Spanish 1 course, which takes you through a series of brief stories.
In the course you learn and practice 750 basic Spanish words. (You can play the full Spanish 1 course for FREE by registering HERE.)
If you repeat (or anticipate) the Spanish OUT LOUD every time, your pronunciation and intonation will improve dramatically.
To hear the Spanish sentences again just click on them. 

Words in Spanish Mini-Story Language Game

  • el próximo día - the next day
  • el sábado - the Saturday
  • la escuela - the school
  • no tiene - s/he doesn't have [tener]
  • quiere - s/he wants [querer]
  • enseñar - to show
  • están caminando - they're walking [caminar]
  • alrededor - around
  • el nombre - the name
  • la iglesia - the church
  • cuál - which, what
  • el arquitecto - the architect
  • se llama - his/her name is
  • el edificio - the building
  • realmente - really
  • extraordinario - extraordinary (m)

Note the sentence: "Ella quiere enseñarle Barcelona a David". Literally: "She wants to show him Barcelona to David" (where "him" also refers to "David").
This is the doubling of the indirect object, typical for Spanish. (The direct object of the sentence is "Barcelona".)
Note also: Personal pronouns (yo, tú, él, ella, etc) are often dropped in Spanish unless they are needed for clarity or emphasis.
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More than a Spanish Language Game

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