German Language Game: Eine gute Idee

German Language Game: "Eine gute Idee" (A good idea).
Play this mini-story to learn and practice 18 basic German words and phrases in context.
Our games are for Mid to High Beginners.
The setting: The home of Michael's aunt and uncle in Frankfurt.
Michael asks his uncle about family photos and explains why he wants them.

This brief episode is also part of German 1. The course is a series of mini-stories about Michael's travels in Germany. In the course, you learn and practice 750 words.
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As you play, try to say the words, phrases and sentences ALOUD.
That way you'll improve your conversational German and sharpen your pronunciation.

Words in German Mini-Story Language Game

  • das Mittagessen - the lunch
  • beim Mittagessen - at lunch
  • er fragt - he asks [fragen]
  • der Onkel - the uncle
  • du hast - you have (familiar) [haben]
  • die Bilder - the pictures [das Bild, n]
  • die Großeltern - the grandparents
  • von deinen Großeltern - of your grandparents
  • warum? - why?
  • ich möchte - I'd like [mögen]
  • die Geschichte - die Geschichte
  • unsere Familiengeschichte - our family story
  • die Idee - the idea
  • eine gute Idee - a good idea
  • das Fotoalbum - the photo album
  • alt - old
  • unser altes Fotoalbum - our old photo album
  • der Großvater - the grandfather

Grammar Tips: Don't focus on grammar, just learn to become aware of typical language patterns.
As you continue to read and listen to German, such patterns will become more and more familiar.

Word order in yes-no questions: 

  • Du hast Bilder. - You have pictures.
  • Hast du Bilder? - Do you have pictures?

    Note: you invert subject and verb.

    Bei - meaning "at":

    • das Mittagessen - the lunch
    • beim Mittagessen - at lunch [beim = bei dem]

    Compound words:

    • die Familie + die Geschichte = die Familiengeschichte (the family story)
    • das Foto + das Album = das Fotoalbum (the photo album)
    • der Mittag + das Essen = das Mittagessen (the lunch)
    • groß + der Vater = der Großvater (the grandfather)

    Note: the last part of a compound word determines the gender.

    To best remember new words at this level is to learn them in chunks (phrases) and in the context of a simple story.
    Writing them out is a good way to learn the spelling as well as the meaning.
    And always say the words and phrases out loud.
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