German Language Game: Er schläft

German Language Game
: "Er schläft" (He sleeps).
A mini-story to practice 14 basic German words and phrases in context.
The setting is the home of Michael's aunt and uncle in Frankfurt.
Michael has just arrived on an overseas flight.

This mini-story is also part of German 1, our course especially for Mid to High Beginners.
In the course, you'll learn and practice 750 basic German words and phrases.
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Always say the words, phrases and sentences ALOUD as you play.
You'll not only practice pronunciation, but you'll be able to remember the words much better.

Words in German Mini-Story Language Game

  • er trinkt - he drinks
  • der Orangensaft - the orange juice
  • die Küche - the kitchen
  • sie zeigt ihm - she shows (to) him
  • das Zimmer - the room
  • er bringt - he brings, takes
  • der Koffer - the suitcase
  • das Gästezimmer - the guest room
  • müde - tired
  • er schläft - he sleeps
  • sie weckt ihn - she wakes him
  • sie ruft - she calls
  • wach auf! - wake up! (familiar)
  • Zeit zum Mittagessen - time for lunch

Grammar Tips: Don't worry about the grammar, just be aware of some of the basic language patterns.
You'll start noticing certain patterns again and again when you read and listen more.
With time you'll automatically recognize such patterns and understand their meaning.
Grammar is best learned in context, gradually and in small doses. That's what works for me.

Regular present tense, 3rd person:

  • trinken - er trinkt
  • zeigen - sie zeigt
  • bringen - er bringt
  • wecken - sie weckt
  • rufen - sie ruft

Irregular present tense, 3rd person (note the vowel change):

  • schlafen - er schläft

Direct object, masculine noun (note the -n ending):

  • der Orangensaft - Er trinkt seinen Orangensaft. (masc. noun)
  • der Koffer - Er bringt seinen Koffer. (masc. noun)

Masculine Pronouns: ihn vs ihm

  • Sie weckt ihn. - She wakes him. (direct pronoun object)
  • Sie zeigt ihm .... - She shows (to) him ...  (indirect pronoun object)

A good way to memorize new vocabulary is to learn the words in chunks (phrases) and in a context that you can remember.
Write them out by hand on a sheet of paper or in a small booklet helps you to learn the spelling and to remember the meaning.
And of course, say the words and phrases out loud whenever you can.
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More Than a German Language Game

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