German Language Game: der + adjective + Noun

German Language Game: Practice: "der + adjective + Noun".
You'll use (and guess) 8 common masculine nouns and 8 adjectives in various combinations.
It will help you become familiar with a common German language pattern.
The key is to always say the German OUT LOUD!

Tips for guessing noun gender in German: Masculine

Male people and male animals; days, months, seasons; north, south, west, east.


  • der Mann - the man
  • der Kater - the male cat
  • der Montag - the Monday
  • der Januar - the January
  • der Frühling - the spring
  • der Norden- the north

Nouns ending in: -ant, -ig, -ling, -us

  • der Praktikant - the intern 
  • der König - the king
  • der Neuling - the novice
  • der Sozialismus - the socialism 

But that leaves a lot of other nouns that you just have to get familiar with. 

Der + adj + masculine Nouns in German Game 

  • der junge Mann - the young man
  • der nächste Tag - the next day
  • der nette Besuch - the nice visit
  • der kleine Schlüssel - the small key
  • der gute Roman - the good novel
  • der große Platz - the big square
  • der schöne Garten - the beautiful garden
  • der alte Freund - the old friend

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