French Language Game: Sur la place

Quick French Language Game
 "Sur la place" - On the square. 
Listen to a quick mini-story and practice the vocabulary with a quick and fun game. 
Learn 16 easy French words and phrases in a meaningful context.
Our games and courses are a great way for mid-to-high Beginner learners to become familiar with typical French language Daniel and his cousin Julie stroll around Paris.
They walk across the square of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.
Julie explains the difference between the French words "une place" and "un lieu".
Our full French 1 course is made up of a series of mini-stories with which you learn and practice 750 basic words in context.
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Always say the answer aloud either before or with the speaker.
That helps you to improve your pronunciation and intonation of French sentences. It's also a good way to remember vocabulary.
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Words in French Mini-Story Language Game

  • le lendemain - the next day
  • elle n'a pas - she doesn't have [avoir]
  • les courses - the classes, courses
  • elle veut - she wants [vouloir] 
  • montrer - to show
  • ils se promènent - they stroll [se promener]
  • sur la place - on the square
  • un lieu - a place, spot
  • où - where
  • il y a - there is, there are
  • souvent - often
  • les marchés - the markets
  • l'église - the church
  • là-bas - over there
  • vraiment - really
  • un beau monument - a beautiful monument

Quick Grammar Points:

1. negation: "elle a" (she has) - elle n'a pas (she doesn't have).
Note: the negative particles, ne ... pas go around the verb.
2. reflexive verb: se promener (to stroll, take a walk) - ils se promènent (they stroll).
Note: "se promener" is reflexive in French but the English equivalent "to stroll" is not.

More Than a French Language Game

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