French Language Game: Cool

Quick French Language Game "Cool".
Listen, learn and practice 15 practical French words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
Our games and courses are especially made for Mid to High Beginners.
The interactive games are a fun way to become familiar with typical French vocabulary and language patterns.
The Context: Daniel and his cousin Julie are walking around Paris.
Julie asks him if he'd like to come along for a quick shopping trip.
Practice your pronunciation and intonation by saying the French ALOUD with or after the speaker.
If you write out the words and phrases and test yourself on them again later, you'll be well on your way to remembering them.

Our full French 1 course consists of a series of mini-stories.
The course contains 750 basic words in the context of a simple travel story.
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Words in French Mini-Story Language Game

  • tu viens - you come (familiar) [venir]
  • avec moi - with me
  • où ça? - where to?
  • je dois - I have to [devoir] 
  • acheter - to buy
  • quelque chose - something
  • Qu'est-ce que c'est? - What is it?
  • c'est - it is
  • un grand magasin - a department store
  • je viens - I come [venir]
  • avec toi - with you (familiar)
  • après ça - after that
  • on - we (conversational) [literally "one"]
  • on va prendre - we're going to have
  • something to drink - quelque chose à boire 

Quick Grammar Points:

1. Questions: In conversational French you'll hear questions that just use intonation (instead of the question phrase "est-ce que" or inversion. Example: Tu viens avec moi? (Are you coming with me?)

2. The pronoun "on": In conversational French "on" is often used to mean "we". Example: On va prendre quelque chose à boire. (We're going to have something to drink.) In other contexts, the pronoun "on" can also refer to the impersonal "one, you, they, someone".

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More Than a French Language Game

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