French Language Game: Des photos?

Quick French Language Game: "Des photos?" - Photos?
Learn and practice 18 easy French words, specific verb forms and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
The context: Daniel is at the home of his aunt and uncle in Paris.
He's looking at a photo album with old family photos.
This French mini-story is also part of our French 1 course (which you can play for FREE by registering HERE.)
As you play, repeat or anticipate the answer aloud.
This will really help improve your pronunciation and intonation of French.
You'll also remember the words better.

Words in French Mini-Story Language Game

  • est-ce que - question phrase "is it that?"
  • avoir - to have
  • tu as - you have (familiar)
  • des photos - (some) photos 
  • pourquoi? - why?
  • aimer - to like, love
  • j'aimerais - I would like (conditional)
  • écrire - to write
  • l'histoire - the story, history
  • de notre famille - of our family
  • c'est - it's, that's
  • une bonne idée - a good idea
  • voici - here is
  • l'album photo - the photo album
  • vieil - old (m) [form of "vieux" used before a vowel]
  • regarder - to look at
  • il regarde - he looks at
  • le grand-père - the grandfather

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More Than a French Language Game

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