German Language Game: Hello Goodbye

In this German Quick Language Game you can learn and review 11 greetings and common phrases.
Even if you learn no other German, these polite phrases are essential for any visit to a German-speaking country.
When you use these German words and expressions, you show you're willing to get out of your own language shell.
And, often they are great conversation openers with locals.
Note that "bitte" has two basic meanings, (as well as a host of others not listed here) - depending on the context.

Words and Phrases in German Language Game 

  • Hallo - Hi
  • Guten Morgen - Good morning
  • Guten Tag - Hello (standard formal greeting)
  • Guten Abend - Good evening
  • Danke - Thanks
  • Vielen Dank - Many thanks
  • Bitte - You're welcome, Please (depending on the context)
  • Gern geschehen - You're welcome (formal)
  • Entschuldigung - Excuse me (to get someone's attention, or apology)
  • Es tut mir leid - I'm sorry
  • Auf Wiedersehen - Goodbye

The key is say the German OUT LOUD after the speaker.
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More Than a German Language Game

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