French Language Story Game 2

French Language Story: Le voyage de Daniel 2.

In the second part of Daniel's trip to France, he visits his aunt and uncle in Paris.
His cousin Julie shows him around the city.
Hear and read Part 2 of Daniel's trip in French.
It contains 135 basic words and phrases, all in context.
With this story, you can test your Level of audio comprehension of French: If you understand most of the story without looking at the English, you are plus or minus on the Level of Threshhold or Intermediate, i.e. B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). You can check a Table on Wikipedia with the Levels here.
Once you've listened to the story and know the meaning of the words, play it again a few times and try not to translate.
To improve your pronunciation, repeat each sentence with or right after the native speaker.

10 Key Verbs in the Travel Story

  • manger - to eat
  • boire - to drink
  • montrer - to show
  • apporter - to take, bring
  • demander - to ask
  • écrire - to write
  • regarder - to look, look at
  • se promener - to walk, stroll
  • acheter - to buy
  • trouver - to find

You can see the English translation by rolling over a sentence on a desk- or laptop (but not on a phone or tablet). You can also look at the translation below.

To practice and recall the individual words and phrases of the story, register or log in and go to French 1, Daniel en France.

Translation of the Story

[Daniel has just arrived in Paris on a flight from Boston. He gets a ride to his aunt and uncle's apartment in Paris.]
Uncle Paul: Welcome to our place, Daniel.
Daniel: Thank you, uncle Paul. I’m glad to be here.
Julie (Daniel's cousin): Hello Daniel! Did you have a good trip?
Daniel: A little long, but my neighbor was nice.
Julie: Would you like something to eat?
Daniel: No, thank you, perhaps a little later.
Julie: Or maybe something to drink?
Daniel: I’d like very much an orange juice!
Julie: Fine. Come with me to the kitchen.
Narrator: Daniel drinks his orange juice in the kitchen.
Narrator: His cousin Julie shows him his room.
Narrator: Daniel takes his suitcase to the guest room.
Narrator: He is tired and sleeps a little.
Narrator: Julie wakes him at noon. She calls:
Julie: Wake up Daniel! It is lunch time!
Narrator: At lunch Daniel asks uncle Paul:
Daniel: Do you have photos of your grandparents?
Uncle Paul: Photos? Why?
Daniel: I'd like to write the story of our family.
Uncle Paul: That is a good idea.
Daniel: I need photos for our family tree.
Uncle Paul: Here's our old photo album.
Daniel: Thank you.
Narrator: Daniel looks at the album.
Daniel: Is that grandfather Maurice?
Uncle Paul: Yes. My sister Catherine has even more photos.
Narrator: The next day is a Saturday.
Narrator: Julie has no classes.
Narrator: She wants to show Paris to Daniel.
Narrator: They are walking on the Saint-Germain-des-Prés Square.
Julie explains: A “square” is a place where there often are markets.
Daniel: And the church over there?
Julie: It's the church of Saint-Germain-des-Prés.
Daniel: It is really a beautiful monument.
Julie explains again: It was founded fifteen hundred years ago.
Julie (a little later): Are you coming with me Daniel?
Daniel: Where to?
Julie: I have to buy something at the Galeries Lafayette.
Daniel: The Galeries Lafayette? What is it?
Julie: It is a Parisian department store.
Daniel: Cool. I'm coming with you.
Julie: Do you need something as well?
Daniel: I need a travel guide.
Julie: No problem.
Narrator: Then she says:
Julie: One finds everything at the Galeries Lafayette!
Daniel: After that, we’re going to have something to drink.
Narrator: Daniel and Julie make their purchases.
Narrator: Later, they're sitting on the terrace of a café.
Daniel: I'm inviting you. What are you having?
Julie: I’d like a strawberry tart.
Daniel: That looks good. And to drink?
Julie: An orange juice.
Daniel: I am going to have an espresso. Sir!
Waiter: Yes. What can I serve you?
Daniel: Two strawberry tarts, please.
Narrator: Then he says:
Daniel: And an orange juice and an espresso.
Waiter: Right away.

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