Italian Language Story Game 1: Sull'aereo



Italian Language Story: Sull'aereo - On the airplane

Level: Elementary (A2)
Playing Time:
4 minutes

Part 1 of Marco's trip to Italy (Il viaggio di Marco 1 - Sull'aereo)

Listen to the Story of Marco's travels to Italy. Part 1: his flight to Pisa and arrival at the airport there.

Part 1 contains 200 words (40 sentences), and is a series of several practical conversations.

How to learn with the Story:

• Play the dialogue in chunks (4-6 sentences).
• Click on each sentence to play it again.
• Repeat each sentence aloud after the speaker.
• Imitate the music, the rhythm and sounds of the sentences, just like to you hear them. Repeat this as often as you like.
• Try to get the gist of the story even if you don't know all of the words.
• On a computer, you can scroll over each sentence, it will give you the translation.
• Write down any words you'd like to remember and recall them later. Recalling words and phrases is the best way to learn and remember them.

• At the end, you'll play a Word Shoot game to review 10 Key words of the story.

10 Key Words

  • imparare - to learn
  • l'inglese  - English (language)
  • rimanere - to stay
  • la scuola - the school
  • aspettare - to wait
  • il nipote - the nephew
  • andare - to go
  • i genitori - the parents
  • abitare - to live (reside)
  • la valigia - the suitcase

The English translation is available on a desk- or laptop (but not on a phone or tablet).
To practice the individual words and phrases of the story, register or log in and go to Italian 1, Marco in Italia.

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