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French Language Game: ne ... pas

Quick French Language Game : ne ... pas (French negation).
A quick fun game to practice negating a verb in French.

Words in French Language Game

  • être - to be
  • je suis - I am
  • je ne suis pas - I'm not
  • savoir - to know
  • il sait - he knows
  • il ne sait pas - he doesn't know
  • avoir - to have
  • elle a - she has
  • elle n'a pas - she doesn't have
  • pouvoir - to be able, can
  • il peut - he can
  • il ne peut pas

Note: when the next word stars with a vowel, the negative particle - ne - contracts to - n'.
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Posted 19:00PM on September 04 2014 by Ulrike Rettig
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