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German Language Game: Nehmen - Present Tense

 Language Game: Nehmen (to take) - Present Tense.
Play this fun online German language game to learn and/or practice the German verb "nehmen" - to take.
Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time:
4 minutes

The verb "nehmen" is useful for daily life, for example:
1. When shopping, you could say: "Ich nehme das Buch." (I'll take the book.)
2. When ordering from a menu, you could say: "Ich nehme die Suppe.) (I'll take/have the soup.)
3. When going by public transport, you could say: "Ich nehme die U-Bahn" (I'm taking the subway.)

Nehmen - Present Tense

Note: the spelling and pronunciation of of the verb changes in the 2nd and 3rd person singular.
• ich nehme - I take
• du nimmst - you take
• er/sie nimmt - he/she takes
• wir nehmen - we take
• ihr nehmt - you-all take
• sie nehmen - they take


• das Buch - the book
• die U-Bahn - the subway
• die Suppe - the soup
• der Aufzug - the elevator

Direct Object forms

Note: "nehmen" takes a direct object.
• Ich nehme das Buch. (neuter)
• Ich nehme die Suppe. (feminine)
• But: Ich nehme DEN Aufzug. (masculine)

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Posted 10:48AM on June 09 2014 by Ulrike Rettig
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