German Language Game: Basic Phrases

Quick German Language game: 8 Basic Phrases. 

Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 3 minutes

  • Guten Morgen - Good morning.
  • Es tut mir leid. - I'm sorry.
  • Kein Problem. - No problem.
  • Nett von dir. - Nice of you.
  • Vielen Dank. - Thank you very much.
  • Das wäre prima. - That would be great.
  • Gern geschehen. - You're welcome.
  • Auf Wiedersehen. - Goodbye.

Grow your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.
As you play, say the German phrases OUT LOUD!
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More Than a German Language Game

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Posted 20:46PM on October 27 2015 by Ulrike Rettig
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