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Games for Language Learning: German - A Game A Day

Games for Language Learning - A Game a Day just started a daily game for those who are learning German. These daily 2-3 minute games - which can be played without registering or logging in - are a fun way to learn and practice small chunks of German. Brief explanations accompany the games.

The first game - Die Bootsfahrt - practices compound words and Present Tense forms of "machen". The second game - vorhaben - explains how a typical German separable prefix works.

Play and learn with a daily German Game or connect via our special Facebook Page: Learn German - A Game A Day.  

Viel Spaß!

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GamesforLanguage listed in Serious Games Directory

SGA - pageWe are pleased to be listed in the Serious Games Directory (SGA).

The Serious Games Directory is published by the Serious Games Association, an international trade organization open to all professionals engaged in the serious games industry.

The GamesforLanguage team believes that games can make language learning fun. More and more adults discover that games are not just for children. Adults enjoy them as well. offers FREE language courses for French, German, Italian and Spanish.
The 36 lessons of each course tell a travel story, in which the learner follows a young traveler on his trip. Importantly, with the story, you'll not only remember the new content words, but also the phrases and sentences in which they are used. This is more effective than other programs, which often teach unrelated words out of context!
Users can also download the vocabulary list of each Scene as well as the mp3 audio of each level and play Quick Games.

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Mi dispiace, me alegro et al: Quick Games for Language Learning

French Shootout GameSince adding Quick Games for German, French, Italian and Spanish in February 2014, many players have found these games a quick and fun way to practice or test their knowledge.

There are now over 60 games that can be played in 2-3 minutes without even registering. Players click on Quick Games, select their language and game, and start playing.

Game topics range from Trivia Quizzes to Survival Verbs, Days of the Week, Asking for Directions, Basic Numbers, etc. is adding new games weekly. Using games for language learning is both effective and fun!