Posted on by Peter Rettig

A Travel Story and Online Language Games help you learn Spanish (and German, French, and Italian)

As we completed our Spanish 1 course in preparation for our upcoming stay in Spain, we were reassured that our idea of a “Travel-Story” to drive our language courses makes sense.

(Click HERE to listen to the beginning 3 minutes of "The Story" as our Spanish 1 "hero" flies from Boston to Barcelona.)

Why a Travel-Story Language Course?

When we are trying to recall certain words and phrases, we begin to imagine the situation our traveller (David) finds himself in. And expressions such as: “ la primera vez...”, “ muy bueno...”, or “ es muy bueno...”, “ quedo tres semanas...”, “ alegro...”, etc., etc. often come to mind as we are thinking about '”The Story”.

We also fully expect that with a vocabulary of only 700 words, we will not be “fluent”, nor likely to understand everything that is being said. But we already know that we can read a fair amount of Spanish text (which users of only audio and picture programs may not be able to); and watching yesterday a Spanish "soap opera" (La Que No Podía Amar) for the first time, we already understood quite a bit.

We'll keep a log of our language adventures...