Posted on by Peter Rettig

Which Foreign Language should I learn?

World Language with Globe, flags and young woman "Which foreign language should I learn?" is not a question many adults ask themselves. Learning another language for most is more likely not a choice but a necessity.

The need to learn may be driven by a new job or career choice, a stay in another country or the desire to better communicate with your partner and his or her family.

Yes, there are others who don't NEED, but just WANT to learn another language. There are so many unique and beautiful languages.

We recently came across a fun quiz that TakeLessons created to help you decide which one to learn. It will let you consider which foreign language suits you best, depending on your interests and personality.

Now, we can't guarantee that learning that language will be easy, but it may very well be the language you'll love to learn!

Whether it’s to enhance your career, make travel to a foreign country more enjoyable, or simply as a hobby to keep your grey cells in top condition, learning a new language is an excellent endeavor. The biggest challenge, though, can be choosing just one to begin with!