Posted on by Peter Rettig

Posting Your Scores when Learning a Language?

Computer iconsYears ago when I wanted to stop smoking, I used a technique that is well-known to psychologists: “Commit publicly” or “Tell your friends about it.”

We've also described this technique in our blog 8 Zenhabits for 2013 Language Learning. (For me, the "commit publicly" technique worked well, as I haven't touched another cigarette since!)

In today's connected world, “telling your friends about it,” is done mostly on Facebook and on other social media.

Indeed, many language sites encourage you to post scores or other achievements on your own Facebook page. We wonder how many language learners are indeed posting their scores for their friends to see and whether it helps them stay motivated.

Recently we have seen an increased interest by parents of homeschoolers in our courses (see also the reviews by and We  wonder whether homeschoolers, or for that matter other language learners, are more motivated to learn, if they compete for scores with their friends.

Let us know your experience with "committing publicly" or "telling your friends about it" when starting to learn a new foreign language. Did it motivate you more? Did it keep you going?