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6-Day Language Learning Statistics

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To play our courses, you do need to register. That way you can continue where you left off, once you return to the site. We don't run Ads.)

This month, GamesforLanguage ran a 6-Day Trial for any (or all) of our four languages: French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

All our users come to our site “organically,” either through a translation search of the indexed words or phrases of our program, by “word of mouth,” or through other site referrals.

We also sprinkled a few questions among our various games, and here are the results:
How would you rate your language Fluency?      
                           Beginner: 63%    Intermediate: 25%    Advanced: 12%

How do you rate “Word Invaders”?  (a word-order game)
                           Too Easy: 44%    Just right:16%   Challenging: 36%   Too difficult: 4%

Learning for me with Scene 1 was:                           
                           Easy: 39%             Hard: 3%             Right On: 58%                                                                         

As the “language fluency” question appeared with the first game, it received the most answers. The “Word Invaders” question appeared in the middle, and the final question at the end of the first Scene.

Some users either did not complete the first scene or skipped right to the next Scene after meeting their score goal, other players skipped the first game, all of which makes correlating the answers a little difficult.

We are somewhat surprised by the split in the Word Invader question, but are reassured that the majority felt our Scene 1 was “easy” or “right on.”

Most of the 63% of the users who came to our site in May and who are beginners found it easy to play and learn with our games.

We also realize that very few users are able to commit the time to learn and practice on a daily basis.

The maximum score reached during the six days for one language was 2,355 points in Italian, which brought the player to Scene 4, in Level 2.

We continue to invite feedback on our programs and games.