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The GamesforLanguage Program - Part 2: Games Summary

In our blog The GamesforLanguage Program - Part 1, we describe the key points, approach, and methods of our program. Part 2 describes the various games, the players' activities and how you'll learn with the games.

Memory Game

Memory gameIn the “Memory Game” (left), you'll first see key words and phrases of “The Story.” You then pick a red (English) card and click on the matching  foreign word. With this game, you'll acquire new vocabulary for your understanding of “The Story.”

Listening Games

In these games, you'll hear a foreign word (from “The Story”) and then - choosing among 3 similarMoonlanding looking words -  click on the word you just heard. Such games (e.g. "Moon Landing," right) train the ear. Your brain is normally tuned to the sounds of your native language. The listening games teach you a new and different correlation between sound and spelling.

Say-It Game

In this game, you'll hear and are asked to repeat select phrases of “The Story” before the text appears briefly on the screen. When learning a language, you are challenged to recognize new letter combinations, to pronounce new sounds, and to get the timing of the intonation right.

The Say-It games allow you to focus on hearing and reproducing the melody of the foreign language without worrying about meaning. Then, to help you correlate the sound and spelling of a new foreign phrase, it appears briefly before you hear the next one. (This we always felt was missing from audio-only courses!)

Word and Phrase Games

Snap CloudsThese games, e.g. "Snap Clouds" (left), require you to identify the correct story words in different types of games and settings. By switching between native and foreign translation, you are challenged again and again to produce the right answer. At the same time, you'll assimilate the meaning, spelling, and essential grammar of the foreign words and phrases that you're practicing.

Pronoun, Verb, Number, et al. gamesGender Game

Here, e.g. "Balloon Shoot" (right), you'll learn and practice particular word categories and/or forms. Each language has its own challenge if you want to master pronouns, gender, verb conjugations, noun endings, etc. These games recall vocabulary as well as the special features of each language.

Translation Games

Deal no DealIn these games, e.g. "Deal no Deal" (left), you are asked to choose the correct translation of each of the sentences that form a segment of “The Story.” Quick tips explain relevant points of grammar or culture, providing you with further insights into the new language.

Word Order Games

Here, you are asked to build sentences from “The Story” by clicking on individual words in the correct order. An EnglishWord Invaders translation and specific word choices guide this task (see "Word Invaders," right). Once you've selected a correct word, you'll hear it again.These games draw attention to idiomatic expressions and highlight the difference between English and foreign word order.

Writing Games

Writing ClownsConsidered often the most difficult task in any foreign language (besides speaking), writing here becomes a fun game. In a race against the clock, you'll translate and write out first simple foreign words, then in later levels, short phrases.

Recall Games

In the recall-games, you'll practice the vocabulary and short phrases you learned in an earlier scene. For example,  Word Hero"Word Hero" (right) lets you review the words and phrases of the previous SCENE, while "Recall and Record" has you recall and speak the words, phrases, and sentences from a scene in the previous LEVEL.

Games Summary

The table below summarizes how you learn from each Game/Screen screen and Player Activity. In order to keep you, the learner, both engaged and challenged, the sequence and configuration of the games changes throughout the six levels of each course.

How You Learn


Player Activity

Hear language melody

Guess meaning from context

The Story”

(Dialog/Story context)

Listen, see foreign phrases w/optional translation “roll/over”

Identify and memorize key words and phrases

Memory Game

Hear, see, and click on key words

Identify correct word, correlate sound and meaning

Listening Games

Hear, see, and click on key words

Imitate sounds, recognize patterns

Say-It Game

Hear, repeat, then see key words & phrases

Identify the meaning and  basic grammar of the foreign sentence

Translation Games

Hear, see, and click on translation of foreign sentence

Practice vocabulary, sound, and spelling

Word/Phrase Games

Identify, click and hear foreign word

Figure out idiomatic construction, word order, and grammar forms

Word Order Games

Identify, click on, and hear foreign word while building foreign dialog sentence

Recall vocabulary, sound, spelling

Word/Phrase Translation

Hear foreign and click on native word/phrase

Practice pronouncing the melody of sentences


Repeat full sentences

Translate and spell

Writing Games

Write foreign words/phrases

Figure Out Grammar Forms

Pronoun, Verb, et al Games

Click on the right Grammar form

Recall earlier scene vocabulary

Recall Games

Hear foreign and click on native word/phrase

We invite any questions about or comments to our program and games!