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"Guten Morgen Liebe Sorgen" - German song for Language Learning

Listening to foreign songs is an excellent way to memorize key phrases and expressions – and having fun with German language learning . Sometimes, you may even start humming and repeating the refrains without exactly knowing the meaning.

In an earlier blog post - 6 Tips for Learning a Foreign Language - we had suggested listening to songs as tip #4, as listening to music and songs can also fuel your enthusiasm for learning a new language.

Language Learning with "Guten Morgen, liebe Sorgen...."

This song was written and first performed by Jürgen von der Lippe in 1987.It's his greatest musical success German language learning with "Guten Morgen liebe Sorgen"...and he sang it for the next 20+ years, with a refrain that is hard to get out of one's mind.For those who don't speak German at all, this YouTube clip provides a (not always correct) translation.

You also may understand why the song is still popular in Germany today. And for those who know some German, similar points as above also apply:

• The refrain both with its perfect (Morgen-Sorgen) and partial (da-klar) rhymes is still an ear-worm.
• Expressions such as “na, dann ist ja alles klar” (well, then everything is ok) can easily be remembered.
• Vocabulary such as “behende” (nimbly), “Schwung” (momentum), “Bettvorleger” (rug beside a bed) you probably won't find in your typical language course.
• German has a lot of little words that add meaning to the message, words which often don't translate literally into English. In a song, these may be exaggerated and stressed, and thus be understood more clearly.
• For example, "schon" (already) in the line "seid ihr auch schon wieder da"; or "na" (well) and "ja" (indeed), in the line "na, dann ist ja alles klar."

Which brings me to this question: Which, in your mind, are the English, French, German, Italian, or Spanish songs that make great tools for someone learning the language? Songs that have a refrain and lyrics that are memorable? Drop us a line to