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How to Speed up Your Spanish Learning With Social Media

Learn Spanish - Yay mediaI've been learning Spanish for about eight months now. After a few lessons with Rosetta Stone (see my blog #3) and the initial 6-week boost with our Spanish 1 course, progress now is slow but steady. Learning a new language means building new skills, gradually.

During the weeks before election, one or the other candidate spoke or had ads in Spanish. I could understand most of these, no problem! I feel that I'm ready to add Social Media to my tools for improving my Spanish further.

30 Minutes a Day

Life is busy, but most days I do manage to squeeze in about 30 minutes of Spanish - 10 minutes here, 5 minutes there. My learning "schedule" is scattered throughout the day. Generally, it consists of:

  • Reading a few pages of my Spanish ebook (at the moment, Zafón’s La sombre del viento) );
  • Playing a couple of Vocabulary Games with sound;
  • Reading Spanish newspaper articles online;
  • Watching a Spanish soap for 10-15 minutes in the evening
  • Doing a couple of grammar exercises from an old fashioned book with my husband over coffee. We chuckle over some of the weird and useless sentences that come up - such as: ¿Cómo come Juan? (How does Juan eat?) and ¿Dónde beben los animales? (Where do the animals drink?)

Social Media for Learning Spanish

It's easy to add Spanish to your Twitter(left) or Facebook feeds. And, you can read the posts when you have a spare moment or whenever you feel like it.

Choices are endless, but they'll all grow your grasp of Spanish and the culture of Spain and Latin American countries. You'll begin to better understand how opinions are formulated, how regional humor is expressed, how discussions are carried on, etc.

12 Social Media Terms in Spanish

So, if you are ready to participate in Spanish on Social Media, here's a start with some basic social media terms:

  • Compartir - Share
  • Conectar - Connect
  • Comentarios - Comments
  • Enviar - Send
  • Escribir - Write
  • Recuérdame - Remember me
  • Seguir - Follow
  • Twittear - Tweet
  • Usuario registrado - Registered user
  • Lo más visto en ... - The most seen on ...
  • Lo más debatido ahora - Most talked about now
  • Lo que hacen tus amigos - What your friends are doing

Once you have mastered some of the basics of a new language, using your Social Media News Feeds is also a great way to foster your motivation. News Feeds let you connect to the topics that interest you and expand your vocabulary in just those areas. Research has shown that learning new words and phrases in context will help you retain and use them more easily.