Posted on by Peter Rettig

Learning Spanish in Barcelona - primera etapa de David en España

 Learning Spanish with Barcelona Street signGood Friday in Barcelona started with rain again. Undeterred, but armed with umbrellas, we decided to follow in the steps of our "hero" David.

Those of our users who have completed Level 1, may recall that David's aunt Carmen lived on Calle Mallorca, (which is not far from our apartment in Gracia). As you see on the picture, most streets in Barcelona, however, use the Catalan name for "street", therefore "Carrer de Mallorca".

Gaudi's La Sacrada Familia ChurchIf you follow Carrer de Mallorca to the Northeast, crossing the "Avinguda Diagonal", ("Avinguda" is Catalan for "Avenida") you will soon see "La Sagrada Familia" appear above the roof lines. It's an impressive sight, the still unfinished masterpiece by Antonio Gaudí (1852-1926), and arguably Barcelona's call sign and best known monument!

Good Friday was quite obviously not the day for us to visit the interior of the church - the waiting lines stretched around an entire block. But we took our time, circled the entire complex and will be back after the holidays.

Walking towards the harbor, we passed by another impressive complex, the Plaça de Toros, the bull ring.  (Note the Catalan form for "Plaza", using the French "ç".)

With the sun out, the walk along the harbor front promenade was delightful. We drank a freshly squeezed "zumo de naranja", enjoyed the sidewalk performers with the many, young and old, who had also ventured out on this first day of the long Easter weekend.