Posted on by Ulrike S. Rettig

Are Games Effective For Learning a Language?

Games - Games have a long tradition of being both a fun way to spend time and to challenge the mind. Games can be playful and they can be serious, but always they engage us as we enjoy puzzling things out.

One case in point is the widely popular "Lumosity" site which offers a wide variety of games for brain training. Research and testimonials vouch for the effectiveness of training your brain with games.

More Language Games

The sheer number of games for learning on the Internet has exploded in recent years. More specifically, many language programs have added games to their site as a way to enhance foreign language learning.

For example, Transparent Language has added games such as "word seek" "hangman" "fill in the blanks" or "unscramble." Or, check out, which lists dozens and dozens of ESL learning games.

Games are Tools is offering something still different: Games are not individual learning clips and they are not an "addition" or an "enhancement" of a language program. With the games ARE the language program.

The game-based beginner courses provide fun tools for learning French, Spanish, Italian, or German:
- A controlled vocabulary acquisition program of 650+ frequently-used content words
- Extensive audio practice
- Listening comprehension practice
- Gradual reading practice that enables you to read a 1800+ word text at the end of a beginner course (36 scenes/lessons)
- Beginning writing practice
- Essential grammar tips
- Speaking practice, by repeating, anticipating, and shadowing words, phrases and sentences.
- All of this is wrapped up in a fun story-sequel of a young man traveling to the country of his family's origin and is presented in the form of fun and easy games.

Feedback from Learner

Here are some comments we've received to date:
- "The variety of activities is good."
- "What's nice is that it doesn't teach too much at once."
- "It flows easily, doesn't feel like I'm memorizing."
- "I like the easy set-up."
- "I like the pronunciation training."
- "I like the way of teaching."
- "The interaction is great."
- "It's helping me to learn and memorize español words in correlation to English! Thank you!"

GamesforLanguage, just like other online programs, is a fun resource with which a learner can engage in another language. Our games help to build basic language skills, which in turn will increase a person's confidence to start speaking the new language in real life. That's the goal!