Spanish Language Game: En el avión (1.1)

Spanish Language Game

This Spanish Language Game "En el avión" (On the Airplane) is a short version of Scene 1.1 of our Spanish 1 course. (You can play the full Spanish 1 course for FREE by registering HERE.)

Learn and practice 12 Spanish words and phrases in the context of a conversation.

Always say the words and phrases OUT LOUD. Your pronunciation and listening skills will improve a lot! 

Words in Spanish Language Game 1.1

  1. un zumo - a juice
  2. la manzana - the apple
  3. un zumo de manzana - an apple juice
  4. por favor - please
  5. usted habla / habla - you speak (polite)
  6. español - Spanish (language)
  7. sí, pero ... - yes, but ...
  8. es - is, it is
  9. la primera vez - the first time
  10. que - that (conjunction)
  11. yo vuelo / vuelo - I fly
  12. a España - to Spain

Note: In Spanish, the words for "I, you, he" etc. are often dropped, unless they are needed for clarity or emphasis.

To better remember words and phrases, review them visually, or even write them out on a sheet of paper or on small index cards. But most importantly, always say the Spanish OUT LOUD, several times if you can.

We'll continue to put each scene of the course into Quick Games. When you do the next games and lessons in sequence, you'll notice that only NEW words are practiced separately.

Other Language Learning Resources

You can find more resources for learning and practicing Spanish on FREELANGUAGE.ORG.

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We can can also recommend our other partner site, Lingualia. It is FREE  (unless you want to learn faster with the premium version) and has excellent Android and iOS apps, which synchronize with the desktop version.

Another excellent site is Language Zen, which lets you practice with Spanish songs and  translate English sentences via voice recognition. 

We are practicing with both programs ourselves and you can read Ulrike's posts: "Lingualia" - Learning Spanish (or English) - A Review, and  "Language Zen" - Learning Spanish - A Review for her assessment.

Disclosure: Some of he links above are to a partner's program with revenue sharing, if you decide to buy or subscribe.

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