German Language Game: Deutsch üben (1.2)

The title of today's German Language Game: "Deutsch üben" - Practice German.

This is a short version of Scene 1.2 of our German 1 course. (You can play the full course for FREE by registering HERE.)

Learn and practice 14 NEW German words and phrases in the context of a conversation. You'll also see words and phrases from Scene 1.1.

Practice the words, phrases, and sentences in Scene 2 OUT LOUD.

  1. ich bin - I am
  2. froh - glad, happy
  3. dass - that (conjunction)
  4. Sie sprechen - you speak (formal)
  5. Deutsch - German (language)
  6. mein Englisch - my English (language)
  7. ist nicht - is not
  8. sehr gut - very good
  9. und - and
  10. ich kann - I can
  11. üben - to practice
  12. Sie sind - you are (formal)
  13. Amerikaner - American (nationality)
  14. ich bin in X geboren - I was born in X

To better memorize new vocabulary, it helps to review the words visually. Even better, write them out on a sheet of paper or on small index cards. 

When you do the next games and lessons in sequence, you'll notice that only new words are practiced separately.

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More Than a German Language Game

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Posted 12:07PM on December 13 2016 by Ulrike Rettig
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