French Language Game: Dans l'avion (1.1)

French Language Game: "Dans l'avion" - In the airplane.

This is a short version of Scene 1.1 of our French 1 course.

(You can play the full French 1 course for FREE by registering HERE.)

Learn and practice 10 French words and phrases in the context of a brief conversation.

Always say the words and phrases OUT LOUD. Your pronunciation and listening skills will improve a lot!

Words in French Language Game 1.1

  • un jus - a juice
  • la pomme - the apple
  • un jus de pomme - an apple juice
  • s'il vous plaît - please
  • vous parlez - you speak (formal) [infinitive: parler]
  • français - French (language)
  • oui, mais ... - yes, but ...
  • c'est - it's, it is [infinitve: être]
  • mon premier voyage - my first trip
  • en France - to/in France

When you do these games and lessons in sequence, you'll notice that only NEW words are practiced separately.

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More Than a French Language Game

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Posted 10:40AM on November 29 2016 by Ulrike Rettig
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