German language Game: 8 Question Words

German question words are basic tools for communicating and picking the right one helps you to get your message across. Practice them with this Quick German Language Game.

Learn and practice 8 essential German question words in this quick-moving multi-sensory, interactive game.

You'll practice distinguishing between 'wo' (where), 'wer' (who), 'wohin' (to where), 'woher' (from where), 'wann' (when), 'wie' (how), 'wieso' (how so), and 'was' (what). 

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More Than a German Language Game

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Posted 15:48PM on January 12 2015 by Ulrike Rettig
Categories: German | Tags: Wann, Was, Wer, Wie, Wieso, Wo, Woher, Wohin