French 1 Level 1 - Daniel en France - In the Airplane to Paris

In this podcast, Daniel, our young traveler, flies from Boston to Paris.

He talks with the woman who's sitting next to him and who is happy that he speaks French.

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Translation of Podcast

Flight Attendant: What would you like to drink?
Daniel: An apple juice, please.
Flight Attendant: You speak French.
Daniel: Yes, but it's my first trip to France.
Woman (beside Daniel): I am glad that you speak French.
Narrator: She continues:
Woman: I don't speak English very well.
Daniel: No problem. I can practice my French.
Woman: You speak French very well.
Daniel: Thank you.
Woman: But, are you American?
Daniel: Yes, I was born in Boston.
Woman: Where did you learn French?
Daniel: At first at home, and then in school.
Woman: At home? Do your parents speak French?
Daniel: Yes, my father is French.
Daniel: My mother is Canadian from Quebec.
Woman: But it’s your first trip to France?
Daniel: Yes, I'm paying a visit to my family and my friends.
Daniel (at Passport Control): Hello!
Officer: Hello! You speak French.
Daniel: Yes, but I was born in Boston.
Officer: Are you here on business?
Daniel: No, I'm paying a visit to my friends and my family.
Officer: How long are you staying in France?
Daniel: I am staying almost three weeks.
Officer: Very well. Have a good stay in France then.
Woman (at Baggage Claim): Is someone coming to pick you up?
Daniel: Yes, my aunt is coming to pick me up.
Woman: Where does your aunt live?
Daniel: In Paris, on Lafayette Street.
Woman: I also live on Lafayette Street.
Daniel: What a coincidence!
Woman: There is my suitcase! Good-bye then!
Daniel: Good-bye.
Aunt Annie (at Terminal): Hello Daniel!
Daniel: Good morning, aunt Annie.
Aunt Annie: I am glad to see you.
Daniel: It’s nice of you to come pick me up.
Aunt Annie: No problem!
Narrator: Then she says:
Aunt Annie: My nephew, in France for the first time!
Daniel: My parents say hello to you.
Aunt Annie: Thank you! Who is the woman who is waving to you?
Daniel: She was sitting next to me in the airplane.