What is GamesforLanguage?

On this Podcast we describe the idea for our GamsforLanguage website.

Our idea was simple when we started: A travel story and easy games can make learning a new language engaging and fun.

Rather than drilling random vocabulary, users learn and practice the real-life, useful words and phrases of the story of a young man who travels through four (4) European countries: France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

The words, phrases, and sentences you'll hear, see, and practice are the real and everyday language you would experience yourself as a traveler.

We believe that mid- to high beginners will especially benefit from our courses. They are completely FREE to use and you won't find any annoying Google advertisements either.

We only ask you to register for the courses so that you can continue where you left off.

Blog posts, Podcasts and Quick Language Games can be played by just clicking on the various links.

Inglés 1 Level 1 - Alex in the U.S. - In the Airplane to Boston

Alex Hernández vuela de la Ciudad de México a Boston. 

La persona sentada al lado de Alex en el avión se alegra de que hable inglés y empieza una conversación.

Puedes aprender inglés con la historia de nivel 1 del curso gratis Inglés para hablantes de español.

Y - si te gusta esta historia - puedes aprender y practicar inglés gratis con el curso de 12 lecciones: sólo tienes que hacer clic en PLAY COURSES en la Página de Inicio e inscribirte.

German 2 Level 1 - Blüten in Berlin? - Andrea

In this loosely-related sequel to the German 1 course, Michael returns to Berlin. On his flight from Boston to Berlin he gets to know Andrea, the young woman sitting beside him.

Andrea gives him her book, "Berlin Alexanderplatz," which she doesn't like very much. But Michael is eager to read it because his aunt lives near the Alexanderplatz, Berlin Mitte.

The following day, while he goes shopping with his aunt, the "Blüten mystery" begins...

And, if you'd like to continue practicing your German with "Blüten in Berlin," you can do so online and for FREE with our 72-Scene German 2 story be registering  HERE.

(And please know: we are only asking you to register, so you can continue to pick up your course where you left off!)

You'll learn and practice words and phrases individually and in the context of short conversations. Your listening and pronunciation skills will improve a lot!

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