German1, Level 2 - Michael in Deutschland - Explores Frankfurt

In this German 1 Level 2 Podcast, Michael, our young traveler, arrives at the home of his aunt and uncle in Frankfurt.

Michael is tired from the (overnight) flight. After drinking an orange juice, he goes up to the guest bedroom and takes a nap.

His cousin Julia wakes him for lunch. Over lunch Michael asks his uncle about old family pictures.

The next day, Julia shows Michael around Frankfurt.

They go to the Römerberg Market Place and to the Zeil (a popular shopping street).

Finally, they go to a café for an espresso and a Früchte-Eisbecher (a delicious German- style fruit sundae).

Michael's aunt and uncle live on the Leipziger Straße, located in the district of Bockenheim. This is a lively part of the city with residential neighborhoods, busy cafés, bistros, and shops.

Click on our blogpost Travel Memories1 - Michael in Frankfurt am Main to find out more about the districts of Frankfurt and see some pictures:

- The Bockenheim district

- The Historic Quarter (Altstadt) with its famous Römerberg market place

- The City Center (Innenstadt) with its stunning glass shopping arcade on the Zeil.

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Posted 17:39PM on February 16 2015 by Peter Rettig
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