German1, Level 4 - Michael in Deutschland - Explores Heidelberg and learns about Mark Twain

In this podcast, Michael, our young traveler, arrives in Heidelberg and with the help of a passerby finds his way to his friend Karl's house.

There he meets two other students, Renate and Claudia, who join him to explore the old town of Heidelberg the next day.

Michael also learns that Mark Twain - who had a love-hate relationship with the German language nevertheless stayed in Heidelberg for 3 months.

In Why did Mark Twain like Heidelberg? we speculate about the answer to that question. 

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And if you'd like to learn more about Heidelberg, click on German Travel Memories 2 - Michael in Heidelberg

Posted 17:37PM on February 16 2015 by Peter Rettig
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