French 1 Level 3 - Daniel en France - Takes the Train to Aix-en-Provence

In this podcast, Daniel, our young traveler, spends a few days exploring Paris. 

He then buys a ticket and boards the train to Aix-en-Provence, where he goes to visit Pierre, a French friend he had met in Boston. 

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Translation of Podcast

Daniel: Excuse me
Daniel: The check please!
Narrator: he waiter brings the check.
The waiter: Here you are. That makes 21 euros 45.
Narrator: The waiter leaves.
Daniel asks Julie: Can I pay with a credit card?
Julie: Yes, if you want.
Daniel: I have a hundred euros, I’m paying cash.
Narrator: Then he asks Julie:
Daniel: Is service included?
Julie: Yes, in France always.
Narrator: Daniel stays a few more days in Paris.
Narrator: He walks in the city with his young cousin.
Narrator: He meets Julie’s friends.
Narrator: He visits several museums 
Narrator: And he learns a lot of things about the history of the city.
Narrator: He is particularly interested in the Louvre Museum.
Narrator: On Wednesday aunt Annie accompanies Daniel to the train station.
Narrator: At the ticket window, he says: 
Daniel: One second class ticket to Aix-en-Provence, please.
Ticket Agent: One-way or return?
Daniel: One-way, please.
Ticket Agent: That makes 75 euros by the TGV.
Daniel: Here are 80 euros.
Ticket Agent: Thank you, and here are 5 euros.
Narrator: Daniel takes his ticket.
Narrator: Then he asks the ticket agent:
Daniel: When does the next TGV to Aix-en-Provence leave?
Ticket Agent: In seven minutes, at six eighteen p.m.
Daniel: Do I have to change trains?
Ticket Agent: No, the TGV is direct. 
Daniel: Thank you. Do you know on which track?
Ticket Agent: One moment - track number twelve.
Daniel: Thanks a lot for your help.
Ticket Agent: You're welcome and have a good trip.
Narrator: Daniel goes to track 12.
Narrator: He doesn't wait long before the train arrives. 
Narrator: In the train he finds right away a seat by the window.
Narrator: Just as he begins to read his guidebook, he hears:
Young woman: Is this seat still available?
Daniel: Yes, of course.
Narrator: A young woman sits down next to him.
Narrator: Less than three hours later, Daniel arrives in Aix-en-Provence.
Narrator: He has the address of a friend from Boston.
Narrator: He dials the number on his cell phone.
Narrator: A woman picks up.
Daniel: Hello, could I speak to Pierre please?
Young woman: I’m sorry, he's not yet here.
Narrator: Then she asks:
Young woman: Who's calling?
Daniel: Daniel Dumont, I’m a friend from Boston.
Young Woman: Ah Daniel! I'm Virginie, Pierre's girlfriend.
Daniel: Hello Virginie. When will he be back?
Virginie: In a quarter of an hour.

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