German Language Game - Der Kanal-die Kanäle

Our German Quick Language Game today: "Der Kanal - die Kanäle" (the canal - the canals).

You'll learn and practice a typical plural form for nouns. Then you'll put together basic sentences with a direct object form - all by playing a fun 3-minute German word game.

And listen HERE to the conversation about the Berlin waterways, which occurs in the last Scene of Level 6 of our German 1 Story. And, if you don't get all of it, just sign up and learn and practice German online with our FREE and FUN course.

And when you'll arrive at the last Scene, you can continue with our German 2 Story "Blüten in Berlin?", a mystery story, which has Michael play detective in Berlin.

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Not everyone will agree with Benny Lewis', the Irish Polyglot, that learning languages is easy. But, if you are serious about learning German, you may want to learn more about Benny's approach by clicking on his explanation of "Why German is easy!"

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Posted 10:14AM on August 29 2014 by Peter Editor
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